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Why reduce sex to a mechanical act? Real pleasure, empowered women, natural bodies, men who are not machines... THIS is what I want to see in porn.

Hi, I’m Lucie Blush. I’m a 28-year-old French porn director, actress and writer, based in Berlin.

Here, you will find a growing number of ethical, feminist porn films that steer away from stereotypes and offer a fun, natural, authentic vibe to porn.

Because we all deserve a better, more sexpositive porn!

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695 23,209 Blow My Mind If you could do anything, what would you do?

Raquel is once again fed up with her job when a client calls and blows away her chance at having a chilled week end. She falls asleep and dives into a vivid dream where all her deep fantasies are satisfied and she lets herself be... herself!

As if a deeper part of her brain had been switched on, we witness the energy and synapses that form along the ride through her subconscious. She sucks him, mounts him and lets him pleasure her intensely and repeatedly.

High on her desire, she offers us a trip into her mind. They say nothing is as ever sweet and bright as in a dream. Nothing matters. Only the present moment. Letting herself be guided by her inner self, we follow her wild exploration.
464 18,654 Custom Made Fantasy See the girl at the beginning? That´s me. I´m talking to my friend Raquel, who´s having problems with her boyfriend Toni, since they seem to be losing the passion. So, I give her a couple of ideas on how to rekindle the fire and what follows is a fantasy, created on the spot, from the imagination of two horny girls. We dive into a different space, an imaginary fantasy showing Raquel and her boyfriend acting on our words, finding each other again without the pressure of real life, ready for some hot, passionate sex.

The couple in the film are Juliet and Pol Marcel, they´re a real-life couple. They´ve been together for a couple of years and it really shows how well they know each other´s body.

Music: Spinning by Grapes and See You Later by Pitx.


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