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294 48,882 Spirit Ink Beneath the sunny streets of the hot city of Barcelona is hidden a veryspecial tattoo parlour, Siha Tattoo. Ivan is trying to resist the painunder Clara´s needle. After the tattoo is finished, the sexual tensionrises as the ink is spreading under his skin and mixing with his blood. Hegoes down on her. Like an exorcism, the pleasure he gives her lets herdemon out and releases her inner sexual spirit. She convulses, screams. Hereyes go white as she tightens her grip on the medical bed.

Starring real-life couple Selina AK and Alex AK, this scene shows how awell-done cunnilingus can unleash our darkest side and reunite us withnature.

Cameras: Sole Rubin, Alf Ruge, Francesca CatricalàShot in Siha Tattoo ( a1 and a3 by A. P. Vague ( under CC BY-SA 3.0 (
369 48,575 Follow The White Rabbit Enter a crazy party in Berlin and see for yourself: friends, lovers, music, a passionate threesome in the bathroom... Be the voyeur and watch a young couple fuck on the guests’ coats lying on the bed. Every room of this small flat is filled with sexual tension. Take the tour. Be in my shoes. Feel what I feel. See what I see.

This is the first scene I shot all with a GoPro. My friends were gathered for the occasion as we had a typical Berlin house party. A project that is special to me and a very cool experiment. Don’t forget to check out the pictures!

Read what it was like to shoot this scene here (­my­first­full­pov­scene/).

Motion Graphics by Alf Ruge (h​ttp://alf-­​

Photos by Adlan Mansri (h​ttp://​

Music by Ryan Little (h​ttp://​­ CC BY 4.0 (h​ttp://​and The Insider (h​ttp://​­ CC BY­SA 3.0 (h​ttp://­sa/3.0/)​

About Me - Lucie Blush

Why reduce sex to a mechanical act? Real pleasure, empowered women, natural bodies, men who are not machines... THIS is what I want to see in porn.

Hi, I’m Lucie Blush. I’m a 28-year-old French porn director, actress and writer, based in Berlin.

Here, you will find a growing number of ethical, feminist porn films that steer away from stereotypes and offer a fun, natural, authentic vibe to porn.

Because we all deserve a better, more sexpositive porn!

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180 56,637 The Accidental Bear This short film by Pillow Book is a porn / documentary-style project with real life partners Will Swagger and Allen Silver.The idea behind this film was not to make a “gay” film, but to provide a genuine look into the intimacy between two people. Going beyond the preconceptions and actually diving into a new experience make this film quite the original piece, away from labels.There is a very interesting parallel between the story of this couple and the process that Paul Deeb, the director, went through while shooting his first gay sex scene. The title shows that. Inspired by Anne Tyler’s “The Accidental Tourist”, it conveys a differentiation between the tourist who takes their home with them, and the traveler who is at home with whatever they discover. Like a tourist, he observed, he felt a bit of discomfort and eventually saw past the preconceived pattern, to become a real traveler.Wanna see what this all means? Watch the film. It’s precious.PillowBook brought us another reality-based short film, Trains, which you can also watch right here. 675 25,378 Deepest Darkest Two women who deeply love each other. This is how to best sum up this film. I was a little fly with a camera in Krystal and Asia´s bedroom after a heated concert.

I watched them kiss, fight, laugh, drink and fuck like wild goddesses.

It´s rare to witness such intense and real passion, that´s why I couldn´t be prouder to release this scene. I am honored that my friends welcomed me into their home with my camera.

Check it out, one of my best films so far.

Girls, you are gorgeous.

Music:´La Muerte Peluda´ and ´Snake´ by FORKS


In the shoes of
a feminist pornographer
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