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Why reduce sex to a mechanical act? Real pleasure, empowered women, natural bodies, men who are not machines... THIS is what I want to see in porn.

Hi, I’m Lucie Blush. I’m a 28-year-old French porn director, actress and writer, based in Berlin.

Here, you will find a growing number of ethical, feminist porn films that steer away from stereotypes and offer a fun, natural, authentic vibe to porn.

Because we all deserve a better, more sexpositive porn!

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537 13,223 Fucking Baked Ep 3: Peeping Tom In Berlin Agatha moves to Berlin to try and make a better living and especially, not fall in love. She crashes at a guy´s place, a friend of one of her customers. She becomes obsessed with spying on him and intruding on his intimacy by watching him and following his habits, until she finally decides to go for it...

This new episode of Fucking Baked is very special to me. It´s the first scene I have ever shot with my real-life partner, so you understand how intimate the project is.This webseries is a great tool for me to explore and experiment filming. In this episode, I wanted to show the contrast between what we see from the outside, of sex, of a relationship, and what we experience from the inside. To achieve this, I used a fixed camera and POV footage.It´s rare to find POV scenes from the woman´s perspective, that´s why I wanted to share my perspective and my thoughts during an exciting moment!

Kilian and I had a blast shooting the episode. I think we will reiterate the experiment! You can read more about my experience shooting this scene on my blog,
882 14,145 Fucking Baked Ep 2: Chaturbate Agatha, a young woman from Spain, can´t pay her bills. She decides to bake space cakes and sell it to her circle of friends as a way to earn extra money. This step into an alternative lifestyle will give her the opportunity to discover her own sexuality, through sessions of masturbation and hot affairs with her customers.

In the second episode, Agatha spends some time sexting with one of her customers and gets very horny, until he ends up canceling their hook up. Still greatly aroused by their conversation, she decides to share a good time with the folks of Chaturbate with a hot live masturbation session in front of her webcam.

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'Thank You...', hot gay film by Noel Alejandro

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