LucieMakesPorn.com is an online adult cinema, built and ran by me, Lucie Blush, feminist filmmaker and performer.

Hey peeps, I'm Lucie Blush!

I’m Lucie, I’m 28 and I make femporn. I also look for the best porn out there and bring it to you here on luciemakesporn.com.

So, why porn?

Porn is sex on screen. Nothing else. Until a few years ago, the only porn we knew was the "mainstream" one. It started with the poor girl asking the plumber to pay in nature, and now it’s basically "teen getting fucked by huge dicks".
The pattern, here, is that it doesn’t reflect, at all, the reality of sexuality, nor the pleasure that good sex can give us. Good sex doesn’t have anything to do with the size of your tits, or how far your partner can ejaculate.

That’s why I want to help make better porn, and make it more accessible to everybody, especially women, and men who are looking for good content they can actually relate to.

Feminist Porn

Another thing is that a lot of mainstream porn is particularly prejudicial to women, and their sexuality. We’re the passive ones. The sluts who desperately want to suck horrible guys’ cocks. That’s when feminist porn comes in. I am a feminist. I shave my legs. I like to wear pretty dresses. I wear make up, sometimes. And I AM A FEMINIST. Feminist porn is a kind of porn that respects the actors, the characters, and the audience. It includes good work environment and a constant search for pleasure, for everybody, equal pay and a constant search for real pleasure, for everybody.

Many feminists condemn porn, but I think that it’s healthy. It’s just sex! Everybody likes it, does it, and watches it. It’s just that we need to offer more and different porn. We can’t criticize porn if we don’t try to improve it first. Besides, being in favor of porn is showing that women have sexual needs too. Like men, we have a deep and intense sexuality that needs exploring and enjoying.

So, I am not condemning mainstream porn, I’m just saying it’s only one perspective, and it’s high time that women gave theirs too.

It doesn’t mean that there is one porn for women, and another one for men. I completely disagree with that. But there are plenty of different ways to depict sex, and make the audience have a good time.

If you’d like to know more about my projects, or just say hello, don’t hesitate to drop me an email.

With love.

Lucie Blush

Three year ago I started writing the blog www.welovegoodsex.com - which, I'm happy to say, won the award for Honourable Site at the Feminist Porn Awards - and after a few months, I shot and produced my first porn film, Alice Inside. I liked it and the feedback was incredible so I decided to make more films and I opened LucieMakesPorn.com, the home for my films, photos, and erotica.

I'm not a "sexpert", as they say, I'm just a girl trying to make quality content that will stimulate myself and, I hope, others. I base all my films on my own experiences and fantasies, and my porn is actually my own exploration of sexuality.

I think it's important to provide the world with more independent, original and arousing porn so that more people, and especially women, might take pleasure in it.

I go crazy for cat and dog videos, horror films and androgynous men.


LucieMakesPorn.com is an online adult cinema, built and ran by me, Lucie Blush, feminist filmmaker and performer.

"I believe that mainstream porn has become boring and that the pornorama desperately needs fresh, beautiful, and natural sex the audience may relate to. Porn is not about a mechanical act, it's about triggering inner fantasies and providing pleasure."

This is possible by shooting people like you and me, with different bodies and personalities, having genuine, passionate sex with their partner. Because sex is for everybody to enjoy.

Hope you like it!