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Despite its name, this site doesn't aim at simply showing my work, but also to showcase the work of plenty of other porn filmmakers out there, so you can see just how great and wide ethical, feminist porn can be.

Pillow Book - The Inseparable Arts Of Life And Love

Paul Deeb and Tamara run a soulful and independent production company called Pillow Book Gallery from the lovely little town of... San Francisco!Their award-winning films are inspired from boudoir and documentary style, always with a personal touch, which makes their work unique and more accessible to the audience.They also take beautiful photographs and postcards.You can watch three of their films here: Mistress - Trains - The Accidental Bear.

Nico Bertrand

Nico Bertrand was born in Barcelona, in a very modest immigrant family. His life changed when he found his dad´s old reflex camera in the house. He fell in love with capturing reality through the lens and later on studied photography.Today, he works under DarknessStudio to understand pornography and experiment with desire and pleasure but with the same sense of visual impact, cinematography and compromise.

Lucie Blush

I´m probably not the best person to talk about myself. With my films, I try to show my own fantasies and experiences and to make something that would arouse me, excite me, allow me to explore myself.All my films are featured on this site. Hope you enjoy them! You can read more about me here or on my blog

Noel Alejandro

Noel Alejandro is an indie filmmaker whose stories are as enticing as the hot gay sex. His movies are not only beautifully shot, they are clever, authentic and passionate. Noel´s goal is to go beyond porn, inspiring himself from his own experience and portraying deeper characters that defy preconceived ideas about sex, love, and porn. Noel sees pornography as a "tool to question society’s standards and misconceptions". More on his website

Poppy Sanchez

I’m a filmmaker and photographer from Amsterdam based Berlin, my films question how sexuality functions in a hyper sexualized society.On set I create a stimulating atmosphere where my performers can explore their individual sexuality and invite the viewer to indulge in an absurdly euphoric state of mind.I believe that depicting authentic arousal and genuine sexual experiences can challenge preconceived ideas about sex and I hope my films will make your nipples hard and your private parts tingle!

Exclusive content by Lucie Blush Porn star, director and writer

"Let’s bring the fun back into porn!"