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Casting: Molly Dae, Lucie Blush

NAKED is an explicit film / documentary about my first time having sex with a woman and my first time as a performer. The goal is for me to show genuine, spontaneous feelings and sensations, and share my first times with the audience, in order to offer something truly authentic. No additives.

I was lucky enough to share this experience with Molly Dae, a new and rising adult actress based in Australia. In NAKED, you can watch us talk about our experiences, our expectations, our tastes, our bodies. Molly had already been with women, but I hadn´t. We kiss, we discover each other and we have awesome, sweet and hot sex together.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this film, since it´s a project that comes from deep inside of me (wink wink). I opened up, became vulnerable and had crazy fun!

Music: Daniel Gutierrez